Dog Training


I will coach you through the process of teaching your dog almost anything you choose to teach. You will do so with the confidence that comes from a dog training approach that is custom tailored both to who you are and who your dog is. A simple and practical approach, relying on your enhanced understanding canine communication and psychology, and always practiced in a way that eases stress at both ends of the leash, has been used by my clients to address almost every dog behavioral issue imaginable, including “intractable” issues such as separation anxiety and aggression towards dogs and/or humans. I am persuaded by a wealth of experience that motivating your dog to listen to you and keeping that motivation keen far outweighs the importance of specific approaches you use to teach your dog what you like and what you don’t like. I am convinced as well that we default to a relationship that relies almost entirely on the bond of affection. We work together to balance that relationship so that it also emphasizes mutual trust and respect.

Board & Train


We offer individualized training programs for adult dogs because many situations simply can’t be resolved in a group environment. We believe that by coming to your home, we can easily recreate the environment and dynamics causing your problems. This also allows us to schedule the training sessions based on your schedule. One on one training can often be the extra push that some pets need to be the best they can be.

Puppy Training


We offer Puppy Training to help teach your puppy the basics so it can be the best it can be going forward. With an emphasis on socialization, potty training, good behavior, and basic obedience, your puppy will learn how to play with other puppies and start to be a happy member of your family. Our training is done on your schedule in your home.

In-Home Dog Training in San Diego

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San Diego In-Home Dog Obedience Training

It is our belief that training is the process of teaching the dog good manners while also working on proper management to help keep the dog out of trouble. This will keep your dog from learning and reinforcing bad behavior and will help them focus on your leadership skills.  We will teach you how to use the tools you already have in place to successfully attain this goal.