I adopted 2 small shelter dogs, one is a year old and the other 2. They came to me wild! No potty training scared of everything, chasing the cat, not walking on leash, I could go on and on. The very next day after Peter trained us the dogs calmed down 98 percent. Yes you read that right. Peter trained my Mom and I how to let the dogs know we are in charge. A week later and we are still working on the potty training and Bo still wants to chase the cat but I am able to enjoy them all in the same room as long as Bo can not reach the cat. Peters prices are more than fair. Personally he needs to charge more. Pete is available by email and phone with any questions we have. In the past I have taken my dogs to P******t for more $ and 6 weeks I learned more in one day with Peter. If you are looking for help with your dog look no further than Peter Levy.

– Client in Escondido

“I was amazed at the response we got from L…. in a very short time and how well she obeyed…”
– Client in Menlo Park

“My husband hated this dog until Peter Levy came. Now they are best friends!”
– Client in South San Francisco

“We were surprised at how simple and effective (Peter’s method) is. We’d paid for training in the past that seemed effective only in teaching us to be mean to our dog.”
– Clients in Redwood Shores

“Best of all, our perception is that she seems happier. She has definitely made progress being obedient and is more playful!”
– Clients in Half Moon Bay

“We saw results in the first few days. We went from having a dog that was such a pest that she spend much of the day in her pen to a dog that everyone in the family can love and enjoy. We’d recommend Peter to anyone, it was the best investment we have made in a long time.”
– Clients in Redwood City

“Our out-of-control dogs are now very well behaved! They no longer whine at meals (stopped after ONE day), they walk on a leash by our side and it’s a miracle! Disabled client in Redwood City”

“We have a NEW dog, one that responds consistently to our verbal commands! Our home is so much calmer and we no longer fear losing our dog when he goes off leash* ‘Off leash’ was an impossible dream only three weeks ago. Thank you Peter Levy”
– Clients in San Mateo

“Peter has been great – very responsive to questions and accommodating extra follow-up sessions”
– Clients in Portola Valley